Parents, please stand strong!

With the help of parents and teachers standing up and standing together across the city, we are indeed “rocking the ISAT” this year! Hundreds of students at sixty seven schools (at last count!) are being opted out.

The Mayor has reaffirmed parents right to opt out of this test.

Principals were told on Friday evening to let opting out children read and to put them in a separate room from testing students.

They have also been told that they should be given booklets and instructions per state regulations.

More Than A Score has found no such evidence that regulations require this.

We know of several schools where they will not be giving opting out children booklets or instructions.

Demand this for your child. Contact us if you need help or support in doing so.

There are still schools where principals and teachers are intimidating students into not opting out. This is not acceptable.

Your school will not lose funding because of low participation on this test.

Your child will not be penalized for being opted out.

It is your right to direct your child’s education.

It is unethical to pressure children, some as young as eight years old, to participate in activities against their parent/guardian’s wishes.

CPS is wrong when it says that it is the law to put a test in front of a child whose parent or legal guardian has refused the test on their behalf.

During the ISAT testing window, we fully expect principals and teachers–the adults whom we entrust our children’s care to every day of the school year—to treat our children with kindness, to allow them to engage in alternative quiet activities during the test, and to respect our wishes as parents and guardians to direct our children’s education.

All parents should demand nothing less.


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