Opting Out

As a parent, you have the right to decide that your child will not be subjected to standardized testing.  If you are considering opting your child out of standardized testing, the resources below will assist you.  They’ll help you understand what tests are administered in CPS, what your rights are, how to opt out, and where to find support for your decision.

* Detailed instructions on refusing PARCC 
Universal opt-out letter with instructions/advice written by More Than a Score Chicago
Sample opt out letters that have been submitted to CPS principals in past years
CPS Department of Student Assessment – provides calendar of assessments, but for information about what tests are given in your child’s school, it’s best to consult your child’s teacher and/or principal.
Quick Guide to CPS Tests  – Fact Sheet from PURE (Parents United for Responsible Education) that helps decipher some of the jargon from the CPS Department of Student Assessment
PreK-8 Testing 2015-2016  Master chart of CPS standardized tests for preschool through 8th grade based on Office of Assessment documentation.
Legal issues for Chicago families – Fact Sheet from PURE (Parents United for Responsible Education)
Commonly Asked Questions About Opting Out – From Yinzercation,  a grassroots movement in Pittsburgh committed to great public schools for all students.
*  To discuss opting out with other Chicago parents, join the Opt Out Chicago Facebook group.


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