Petition on Data Privacy and InBloom

School districts across Illinois are poised to upload sensitive student information to the InBloom/ISLE database in order to share it with for-profit, third-party vendors.  More Than a Score opposes the creation of this database until parents are informed of the process through public hearings and are given the right to an explicit opt-in if their children’s data is to be shared. For more background on this issue, please visit our main data privacy page.

Please sign and share our petition,”Illinois school boards: Don’t share private student data.”

Then, contact your local school board and superintendent. Ask them if you will have the right as a parent to full disclosure and opt-out of sharing  your student’s private data with third-party, for-profit corporations. Although this project is already rolling out here in Illinois, many elected officials and public school authorities still know nothing about the InBloom/ISLE project.

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