About More Than a Score Chicago

More Than a Score is a group of parents, students, teachers, and community members who are frustrated with the scale, expense and consequences of the testing regime in CPS. We do not feel as though CPS administration is currently addressing our concerns.  We hope that through our efforts that more questions can be generated and discussed among all stakeholders to this conversation.

The organizations involved include:

Email:  info@morethanascorechicago.org

2 responses to “About More Than a Score Chicago

  1. I really feel sorry for the children of parents like you. I can just imagine what whiny, bitch-ass punks they’re going to grow up to be. It’s an increasingly competitive world, and American students are falling behind. Sheltering them and their failing schools from standardized measures of achievement does them a disservice. But, of course, it also shelters you from facing up to your failures as parents. How convenient . . .

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